Earth Hour – Durex

Durex wanted to create a viral that would generate over 100million views (no biggie). But rather than producing something that was a bit naughty or cheeky, I Creatively Directed the team at TMW to emphasise the brand’s mature approach to love and sex. And so we decided to reflect on the state of modern relationships in a more emotionally engaging way. Not only was this a better way to talk to our global audience, but it was more compelling and relevant too.

The campaign spoke directly to lovers, and addressed one of the biggest problems in modern relationships; technology. We wanted to create a movement that called on couples to realise just how much their obsessions with gadgets and gizmos are leaving them totally disconnected from each other. After all, how can couples be having great sex when Flappy Bird, Facebook friends and the whole of Twitter are allowed in the bedroom?

Using Earth Hour as our platform, we created a series of Facebook posts and a short film to inspire change. The hour of darkness was the ideal time to call on couples to escape the screen and have some fun in the dark. We wanted people to ‘Turn Off To Turn On’, and by utilising Facebook, YouTube and Twitter (the very platforms we’re all so obsessed with), we knew our message would be seen – and spread globally.

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Skills: Branding and comms
Client: Durex