EDF Energy Bluelab R&D

The EDF Bluelab ambition is to accelerate our transition to a sustainable, low carbon society through the development of new technologies and business models. As part of this they are accelerating the Howz start-up.

The Howz home care kit, discovered during their first start-up challenge, supports people to live independently for longer through a system of connected sensors that allow friends and family to digitally “check-in” on the resident to see how they’re doing.

As well as a content and launch campaign, this prototype IoT teapot – the IOTPOT, was displayed internally to senior stakeholders at EDF. The working prototype was designed to create a connection between vulnerable relatives. It’s an ornamental notification device that signals to an elderly relative that a sibling has sat down with a cup of tea, signalling that they are available to have a zoom or telephone call over a nice cuppa.

The device works thanks to a sensor embedded in a coaster that is activated by a temperature change from a mug being placed on it. This then signals, via the cloud, to the teapot in the elderly persons home which illuminates and give off a novelty puff of vapour steam. It served as a great way to explain the concept of Howz and educate the executive team about IoT and the use of sensors in managing the care of the elderly.

Tech – Particle Cloud, IFTTT, temperature sensor, hacked vape-cigarette and air-pump.

Skills: Product Design & IOT
Client: EDF Bluelab