Sony – Extra.Ordinary


Sony Professional Extra.Ordinary campaign celebrated the way film makers use their vision and expertise to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. The idea was to crowd-source film concepts from our community of Professional and Semi-Professional film makers and the collaborated with film maker Phillip Bloom to bring them to life. The resulting three beautifully executed films brought to life a key technical aspect of  the Sony Professional NEX-FS100E.The winners of the crowd-sourcing competition won a chance to work collaboratively with Philip on a project.

‘A shot at greatness’ (above) explores non-linear narrative, cutting between wide and tight shots, energy through handheld filming and natural vs artificial light.

‘Sugared Art’, focuses on the creation of a cake in a controlled environment, demonstrating how to make a static setting move cinematically.

‘Evening Waltz’ looks at outdoor location shooting, controlling depth of field and shooting in low light.

Skills: Branding and comms
Client: Sony